Bio-Forge ST

Protect seed investment ● Maximize yield potential

What it does

  • Up-regulates key genes associated with early plant stress
  • Improves root-hair growth to enhance nutrient uptake
  • Reduces excess ethylene from stress

What that means

  • Early root development and increased seedling emergence
  • Increased stress tolerance to adverse weather and herbicide damage
  • Enhanced nodulation and nodule activity in legumes

Application timing

  • Seed treatment

Bio-Forge ST is a concentrated formulation of Bio-Forge with additional humic acid and has all the performance benefits of Bio-Forge reformulated to work as an effective and efficient seed treatment.

Applied as a seed treatment before planting, Bio-Forge ST enhances seedling emergence, ensures early root development and protects young plants from stress, especially stress associated with cold spring soils or water-logged conditions. Plus, it ensures continuous new root growth for efficient nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen.

Overall, Bio-Forge ST improves plant growth hormone balance for continued cellular viability and optimal plant functioning throughout the life of the plant. It mixes easily with other seed treatments and is compatible with most fungicides and insecticide seed treatment products.



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