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Trees and Vines


Begin application when bud swell appers in spring. And continue application until the fruit is approximately 80% sized.
Apply 5 gallons of Root Feed per acre every 7 days.



1 pint per acre of 2 pints per acre of Calcium 5X every 10 days along with a fungicide or insecticide application.

         Guarantees cell division and cell differentiation as the fruit develops.


Foliar Applicaiton - Where soil application is not an option

5 gallons ProStart foliar per acre at bud initiation. Try to get the application on the tree or vine before 10 days of bud swell.

          Increase the number of buds that develop on the plant.


Apply 2-3 pints per acre of Flower Power when the plant has approximately 10% of its flowers open.

           Will assure that all female flower ovaries will be fertilized.  This is important for the establishment of fruit at each bud site that has been stimulated.


Apply 2-3 pints of Fruit Power per acre.

           Maximizes number of cell division in the fruit.
           Guarantees that the fruit will have a better chance to size and inhibit any type of physiological disorders.

A second application of Fruit Power should be made 14 days after the first application.


It is very important to note that the size of the fruit, the shape of the fruit and the resistance of physiological disorders is normally determined within three weeks after flower drop.

This standard program has worked successfully on tree and vine crops to maintain optimal hormone balance during the growth cycle and periods of stress. The result are healthier plants and enhance yields. While this program outlines a standard best practice, to achieve the best results for your crops contact a StollerUSA preferred dealer. Soil test, crop rotation, seed type, management techniques, and  environmental conditions all need to be considered when developing the most effective program.