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Drip Irrigation

2-4 weeks after transplanting or when the plant has achieved the 3-6 leaf stage of growth

5 gallons of Root Feed II per acre every 7 days.

Continue on a weekly basis until harvest has been completed.  In addition to the application of Root Feed II every week, apply Root Feed Supplement every 14 days.


12 oz. of X-Cyte per acre or 24 oz. of Calcium 5x per acre, along with the fungicide or insecticide application every 10 days.

             Maximum cell division and cell differentiation for top quality fruit.


10 lbs Harvest More Urea Mate per acre every 7 days through the irrigation system
This should be done on a separate day from applying Root Feed.

            Maximum production with increased quality of yield.
            Best insurance policy that will enable the grower to make more profit and protect crop investements.


This standard program has worked successfully on vegetable crops to maintain optimal hormone balance during the growth cycle and periods of stress. The result are healthier plants and enhance yields. While this program outlines a standard best practice, to achieve the best results for your crops contact a StollerUSA preferred dealer. Soil test, crop rotation, seed type, management techniques, and  environmental conditions all need to be considered when developing the most effective program.