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 Seed Treatment

20 oz. of Stimulate per ton.

Increase root growth
Control stress runners
Increase resistance to root and tuber disease


Early Growth

1 pint of X-Cyte every 14 days.

Increase tuberization...Earlyness and Number


Immediately Before Flowering

1 pint of Bio-Forge per acre.

Season long plant stress control
Increase number and tuber size


20 Days before Vine Kill

2 quarts of Sugar Mover per acre.

Size tubers


This standard program has worked successfully on potato crops to maintain optimal hormone balance during the growth cycle and periods of stress. The result are healthier plants and enhance yields. While this program outlines a standard best practice, to achieve the best results for your crops contact a StollerUSA preferred dealer. Soil test, crop rotation, seed type, management techniques, and  environmental conditions all need to be considered when developing the most effective program.