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Seed Treatment

4 oz. of Bio-Forge per 100 lbs. of seed.

Increase plant emergence and survival
To increase root mass
Train plant for continuous root growth
To increase yield



In-Furrow or Starter Fertilizer

1 pint of Bio-Forge per acre

Greater plant emergence
More even sized plants
Increase and Maintain Root Growth
Pick-up more fertilizer nutrients that are stored in the soil


Foliar Applications

1 pint of Bio-Forge per acre in broadcast spray from 6th leaf stage until tasseling (V6-Vt)

(NOTE: Corn Silage apply 1 pint of Bio-Forge per acre at the V6-V7 stage)

To significantly increase yield
Bio-Forge is a proven yield enhancer


1 pint of Bio-Forge per acre along with late-season fungicide sprays


NOTE: It is only necessary to use a single treatment per season.  Earlier application will provide better protection from drought and potential herbicide damage. When comparing Bio-Forge and late stage fungicide treatements, foliar spray 1 pint/acre at the V12 stage before tassel emergence.


This standard program has worked successfully on corn crops to maintain optimal hormone balance during the growth cycle and periods of stress. The result are healthier plants and enhance yields. While this program outlines a standard best practice, to achieve the best results for your crops contact a StollerUSA preferred dealer. Soil test, crop rotation, seed type, management techniques, and  environmental conditions all need to be considered when developing the most effective program.