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"Bio-Forge® helped us to grow an exceptional crop in one of the
most stressful seasons ever."
- Dave Cunningham, Amana, IA

Keeping plants healthier is an advantage that pays off anytime … but especially when stress conditions escalate. The proprietary formulation in Bio-Forge up-regulates key genes associated with stress for the improved hormone balance that keeps plants and roots growing. Improving nutrient uptake — it's technology that breaks the yield barrier.

The Corn Belt was hit hard by the 2012 drought, and in East Central Iowa crops were struggling to flourish in high heat and low moisture conditions. Dave Cunningham, Crop Production Manager at Amana Farms utilized Stoller technology to manage crop stress. Using Stoller's Bio-Forge and other plant performance products, Amana Farms experienced ear and pod size increase. Healthier plants endured the long stretches of triple digit temperatures and produced a high yield.

With thousands of tourists visiting the colonies each year Cunningham faces expectations to keep fields "picturesque". And because Amana Farms grows food grade white corn and non-GMO soybeans for cereal and oatmeal companies in central Iowa tough standards are used for their input selection. Stoller products are easy to apply and mix well with other crop management inputs providing a proven method for enhancing yields and protecting against stress.

Now, more than ever, progressive growers rely on Stoller technology. Bio-Forge: university tested, farmer validated. To see what Cunningham and other growers are saying or to view the research data yourself, visit


Dave Cunningham, Amana Colonies


Amana, IA

Years as a Stoller Customer:

New customer in 2010

Operation Overview:

8,000 acres. Corn and soybeans.

Products Used:

Bio-Forge® ST and Bio-Forge®


Plants stayed greener longer and healthy all season. Cunningham witnessed enhanced nutrient uptake due to large root masses and increased nodulation on soybeans. Corn ears showed less tip back resulting in higher yields. Bio-Forge ST and Bio-Forge relieved stress due to the drought providing a successful harvest and increased ROI.

Better Crop Performance. Better Bottom Line.