IL Soybean Summit – Dr. Liptay Presents

Stoller's A-Team was on hand to answer questions.

Over 400 some farmers from central Illinois gathered at ISU campus to learn how to push soybean yields ahead in the Land of Lincoln.
A feature of the day included break out sessions on topics ranging soil to disease management.

Stoller’s Director of Research and Development, Dr. Albert Liptay, was on hand to present perspectives on foliar feeding as an opportunity to manage crop health.
The toll stress takes on plant health and crop yields is readily understood.

What Dr. Liptay shared is how to manage that stress. Working with antioxidant formulations like those available at growers can optimize plant growth hormone balance through stress conditions.

Giving attendees a glimpse of Stoller’s future innovations Dr. Liptay shared the work being done in Epigenetics–where positive attributes are passed on from one generation to the next. The possibilities of plants with hormone balancing traits passing on these yield-enhancing factors to seeds has enormous potential and implications.

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