Wisconsin Farmer Increases Yields with Bio-Forge Seed Treatment

Steve Holcomb from Monticello, WI is finishing up his harvest this fall with the best yields he’s ever seen on his farm. Holcomb started using Bio-Forge seed treatment last year and was so impressed he decided to seed treat all of his corn this spring. When harvest rolled around he found his crop yielded 5-15 bu/acre more than his control plot.

To top things off, Holcomb saw yields higher than he’s ever seen on his land. An average of 220 bu/acre on his corn acres, the Wisconsin dairy farmer was excited to find a product that was cost effective and produced great results. Holcomb milks 90 cows and farms 400 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa in South-central Wisconsin.

Listen to Holcomb’s review and learn how Bio-Forge can boost your bottom-line!

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