End of Season Visit in Stark City MO

Kip Cullers reviews highlights of 2010 Growing Season.

Stopped by to chat with Kip Cullers this week. We chatted about the challenges of this year’s growing season. Unlike 2009–the 2010 season had plenty of heat units. There were three weeks he pinpointed where the crops just got no relief.   Even the nights were sultry and stressful.

In summary he felt he learned a few things this year…but is hoping to mix it up again next growing season. Mix it up how? He wouldn’t give us specifics…but knowing Kip he is determined to push the envelope in his contest plots.

It’s been fun watching Kip take on the yield challenge in both soybeans and corn.

Can’t wait to hear what the final results are!!!

Even more exciting will be the chance to hear about

some of the take aways from 2010 that other farmers can use as they work for higher yields in their own operations.

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