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What is everybody talking about?

Friday, March 25th, 2011

News, excitement and a flurry of activity kept things busy at the 2011 Commodity Classic in Tampa. Buzz about Bio-Forge and traffic at the StollerUSA show booth was brisk.  To hear exactly what all the excitement is about check out these interviews with Farm Broadcaster Pam Jahnke.

Kip Cullers chats with Farm Broadcaster

Can you handle the heat ahead?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

When we chat with farmers increasing temperatures rank among the top concerns.  If you’re not concerned you need to know that at  a plant level high temps increases photosynthesis.

But for optimum pollination to occur plants require a specific and ideal temperature range. With the increasing temperature trend, many growers are experiencing true yield drag due to high heat conditions at the critical pollination stage.

Researchers at  Stoller  have been studying how to improve pollination in high heat conditions (87 degree F or higher). Knowing that when the temperature exceeds the optimum level for fertilization of pollen tubes, the results are abortion of both flowers and young fruit. The lack of sugar movement in the plant’s cells into the male organ of the plant is the root cause for lower pollination and yields in all crops.

By monitoring the movement of sugars in the plant and synthesis level of a key enzyme, invertase researchers found that as temperatures were increased beyond the optimal level  the level of invertase was greatly reduced.
When a proprietary formulation of cytokinin, X-Cyte™, was applied to the plants researchers witnessed a measurable increase in the levels of the invertase enzyme and the level of successful pollination.

“It appears that the high heat inhibits plants from synthesizing enough cytokinin for proper pollination,” summarizes Dr. Ron Salzman, Director of Biosciences at Stoller Enterprises. “With a simple foliar application we can overcome this natural plant reaction, improve the levels of invertase and improve crop yields.”

2011 Commodity Classic: That’s a wrap!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

All good things must come to an end. And while we dread tearing down the booth and saying adiós to the new friends and contacts made…we look forward to getting out in the field and visiting farmers on their own turf.

We’ll be working with our dealer and distributor network to get farmers the products they need. Plus we’ll be learning about their specific challenges and working to meet those challenges head on.

Products like Bio-Forge, X-Tra Power,  and Sugar Mover are providing farmers with a cost effective boost in production.  To learn more contact a dealer near you.

Here’s a few of the fun behind-the-scenes moments from 2011 Commodity Classic.

Visit the Stoller booth and WIN!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

We like to think that everybody that took time to visit the StollerUSA booth at Commodity Classic was a winner.

Besides learning how Stoller’s proprietary technology can enhance yields on corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa and cotton crops; growers got a chance to register for and I-Pad or and Outback Steakhouse Gift Card.

(Why Outback Steakhouse? Well Stoller technology is used by onion growers that supply the size and quality of onions needed to make their legendary onion blossom appetizer. Its a nice Stoller success story you can sink your teeth into!)

And the give-away winners are…..

Chatting with Pam Jahnke and Farm Report

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

What is all the buzz about?  That’s exactly what Pam Jahnke from Farm Report wanted to find out. She spent much of the afternoon visiting with growers and crop experts at the Stoller Booth to learn about the growing interest in Stoller Technology and Bio-Forge.

What was the most interesting fact learned?

Was it

  • the rich 40-year history of this entrepreneurial company and its colorful founder Jerry Stoller?
  • the growing interest in Stoller’s plant performance technology that focuses on managing plant growth hormones to an optimal level…even through stress conditions?
  • the introduction of a seed treatment formulation of Stoller’s proprietary Bio-Forge?

Watching Pam as she interviewed various folks in the Stoller booth it became that clear that while she learned many things in her conversations they all came across as enthused about the potential for enhanced crop yields when incorporating Stoller technology into the mix.