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Crop Update from Ohio

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This week we headed about an hour south of Cleveland to Orrville Ohio .

The tree leaves are just starting to turn colors.

And the corn and soybeans are drying down quickly.  They’ve had some dandy weather this growing season and the crops look strong.

The soybean test plots we viewed had a variety of Stoller products at work. Bio-Forge and Como were used as a seed treatment to get plants off to a good start. The Bio-Forge was used as an in furrow treatment. All this was done with variable rates of nitrogen…to see if Bio-Forge can help keep the plant root system growing and nodulation strong –even when it’s fed large amounts of nitrogen.

The pods looked good. The stalks were strong and in general the plants seemed shorter–which is a good sign.

It looks like more energy went into building and filling pods rather than stalk and stems.

The grower expects to begin harvest on this plot around October 1st. We’ll see how the yield numbers look then.

2010 Farm Progress–That’s a wrap

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The booth is packed up. The video equipment unplugged. And the winners of the Bio-Forge Contest have been selected.

Congratulations to Steve Kralik of Iowa, Eric Ericksen of Nebraska and Ross Kennedy of Illinois.  These lucky winners will get a chance to see how Bio-Forge can boost the yields of their crops. Someone from the Stoller tech team will be in touch to deliver product and answer any questions soon.

(Hey if you still want a chance to win a prize check out our calendar contest!)

All in all it was a great show…despite the wet conditions. Farmers are upbeat and interested in new strategies to increase their yield, their profitability and their success.

Thanks to all who stopped by the Stoller Booth to chat.   Let us know what you thought of this year’s farm progress by posting a comment here.

More than just soybeans…great corn results too!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

We’ve got corn roots and corn plants that are on display at the Stoller booth.

One corn plant–seed treated with Bio-Forge ( 4 oz per cwt of seed) shows a larger root mass and long long long tap root.  The ear is larger and filled out nicely. And the stalk is thick and strong. Just a healthier plants overall compared to the non-treated plant. And that is just with the Bio-Forge seed treatment.

We’ve got farmers using seed treatment and foliar applications that are impressed with the difference in plant health and best of all yield at the end of the season.

Local farmer Rick Hurley got a yield bump last year  with Bio-Forge that convinced him to incorporate more of Stoller’s technology in 2010.

To see what other growers are saying about Stoller Technology just click here.

The Stoller booth is a very busy place.

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The traffic has been solid. And frankly the impressive soybean plant that Kip brought from near his contest field is a big big draw.

We are sharing how Stoller technology is part of the story behind these amazing beans…even Max Armstrong stopped by to chat with Kip and our team to learn more.

Besides the soybeans from Kip’s farm we have some plants from Curlew Iowa too. They are outstanding …showing a 30%pod increase over the control plants. Very nice!

Okay…it is a bit mucky and the rubber boot sales are up and the harvest demonstrations are halted. But for the Stoller team this show gets a big thumbs up for connecting with customers and sharing our news.

Day 2 of Farm Progress Show

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

With plenty of hard rains and storms over night, the second day Farm Progress Show began slowly with a two hour delay before visitors could come talk with Stoller Sales Reps. from across the corn belt.

After a morning interview with Sales Rep. Larry Lintner and Ag Wired, attendees rushed in to learn about new technologies and see results from Stoller treated plants from Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.

More to come as the week continues here in Boone, IA.

Make sure to stop back to learn the latest from Farm Progress Show.