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Glyphosate Carryover on Wheat & Soybeans

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

When observing winter wheat planted after glyphosate and roundup resistent soybean stubble, some growers are noticing uneven patches as the wheat begins spring growth. This same uneven growth is also appearing when non-glyphostate resistant soybeans are planted behind corn that is glyphosate resistent.  The production of crops is too expensive to tolerate this uneven growth and potential reduction of crop yields.  Has anyone come across solutions to battle the glyphosate carryover on wheat and soybeans?

H1N1 flu virus: Impact on Agriculture

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

There’s no doubt that the hysteria over the N1N1 — commonly referred to as swine flu — is impacting agriculture commodities, especially pork.   What effects are you seeing or hearing about in your local communities?

Corn Planting Progress

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

There has been variable progress in corn planting across the U.S.  Some farmers have reached or surpassed their previous five-year averages, while others remain behind while they wait out recent wet weather.

According to Successful Farming’s, Agriculture Online, that’s the verdict in Monday’s weekly USDA Crop Weather report. Overall, 33% of the nation’s corn was in the ground as of Sunday, up 11% from the previous week and almost 10% above where it was a year ago. But, it’s still behind the 50% previous five-year average, according to Monday’s numbers.

The progress was widely variable for the second week: Iowa farmers made decent strides, with 60% of that state’s crop in the ground as of Sunday versus 47% a week ago. The story’s different one state to the east, where Illinois farmers have barely begun planting, with 5% of the corn planted. That’s more than 60% behind the previous five-year average pace.