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Corn College Wrap Up

Monday, July 26th, 2010


Retailers and growers from 29 states attended four separate sold-out sessions during the weeklong event, hosted by Farm Journal Media. Attendees were eager to gain hands-on experience and learn about cutting-edge technology they could implement on their own farming operation.

StollerUSA sponsored the event again this year and led technology sessions in the nearby Stoller demonstration plot. During the popular sessions growers learned about Stoller technology and the importance of genetic expression in plant growth and overall plant health.

Attendees were able to compare root systems treated with Bio-Forge   to control plants, both from the Corn College demonstration plot and nearby farmer plots.  Stoller treated root systems were noticeably larger with more fibrous root tissue. Stoller technical sales reps shared how vital root growth is to optimal hormone balance, crop health and yields.

Growers at the StollerUSA technical session were able to see firsthand how Stoller products impact a plant. Plants treated with Bio-Forge  foliar application at V7 in the demo plot had larger, more vigorous root systems, thicker and greener stalks.

Good conversations with progressive farmers right in the heartland. StollerUSA was glad to offer them  new ideas on how to enhance their bottom line.

Corn College Class Picture

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Corn College…final session!!!!.

Over 15 states are represented. California, Maryland, Arizona and Utah are here. Of course plenty of corn belt farmers from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The day starts off with a “Class Picture” as the entire group of 200 posed in front of cameras.

It’s been a great opportunity to talk to and listen to progressive growers that are looking to enhance their yield and operations.

Tech Session in the Corn!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The stormy rain clouds broke today….Just in time for the humidity to hit a really uncomfortable level. On the up side that meant we got to hold our tech session right in the corn field.

We prepped by digging up corn plants from the control area and the Bio-Forge treated area. This small demo plot was treated with Bio-Forge foliar at V7.

But Bio-Forge is  easy to use and incorporate into your program…seed treatment,  with starter fertilizer, in furrow, or as a foliar application. 1 point per acre can result in an average of 8-13 bu/acre.

Last year some farmers reported up to a 26 bu/acre increase!!!

The farmers in Stoller’s tech session saw Bio-Forge treated corn plants with impressive  fibrous root tissue.  More roots means better plant health. More roots means better uptake of the nutrients in the soil.

Crop of a Lifetime

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Growers looking for a way to manage crop stress.

Lots of information shared with growers at Corn College.

At the first Farmer Session dinner the Publisher of Farm Journal did a quick quiz. …Which farmers felt they had a “crop of a lifetime”?  Only one farmer was left standing….and he was from North Dakota.  In a crowded room of farmers from Iowa and Illinois…that was quite a testament  as to the impact that Mother Nature has.

Another good case for Bio-Forge and Stoller Technology that upregulates the genes to manage plant growth hormones to an optimal level…despite all sorts of stress conditions.   No wonder so many of the attendees are anxious to learn how Bio-Forge can control stress ethylene to manage for higher yields.

Putting on the Miles

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Mike Lewallen pulled into Corn College yesterday afternoon driving his 2000 Ford truck. It just hit the million mile mark on the odometer. That’s a lot of miles on the road. Servicing customers and helping farmers figure out what works best on their crops.   Our guys are in the field…not behind a desk.  Congrats Mike.  That is one impressive ride and one  great effort for your customers!

Mike's Million Mile Ride